See the Ash vs. Evil Dead trailer banned from Comic Con


The first season of Ash vs Evil Dead was a miracle in modern television. It brought back a franchise that fans had been clamoring for while imbuing it with (yet another) new slant. Plus, it was a bloody, gory, one-liner-packed work of effing art. It concluded in the best way possible, with Ash screwing over the world so he could go party in Jacksonville. Pitch perfect Ash.

The second season is coming and if this bloody, gory, one-liner-packed, supposedly-banned-from-SDCC trailer is any indication then we’re in for quite a treat, and some more fan love. Ted Raimi (who played a lot of evil monsters in the original) is returning as Ash’s childhood friend and Michelle Hurd joins the cast as his highschool girlfriend. Also cast is a crap ton of fake blood and dismembered body part prosthetics.

Matthew Razak
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