See the Grease scene cut from the Academy Awards opener


That Oscar opening on Sunday was pretty fancy, using Inception as a framing device to send hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway through scenes from the nominees for Best Picture (and also Back to the Future). Apparently, there was another scene, one that seems kind of random: a redo of “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease.

Since it was all ready to go, it seems strange that they left it out, and you may wonder why they cut it, especially once you see Hathaway in those hot pants. I’d have said it was due to James Franco’s obnoxious demeanor that makes you want to take a tire iron to his head, but that was really no different from the rest of the Academy Awards.

No, if I had to pick what might have been the reason it got cut, my money’s on the horribly awkward reference to Natalie Portman’s water breaking. No thanks.

[via Vulture]