See the Gremlins videogame that never was


Gremlins Online Exclusive! Unreleased Gremlins PS2/Gamecube intro cutscene

One need not exercise the imagination too strenuously in guessing why Gremlins: The Videogame was canceled ten years ago. At the top of the list of reasons why this was a bad idea to begin with, it’s criminal to use computer graphics in a reinterpretation of animatronic Gizmo and Gremlins. The video is quite a bit south of decency, even forgiving that. Mogwai, who cannot get wet lest they turn into monsters, apparently live in a cabin, on a lake, with leaky plumbing. Shocker, an accident occurs and you, Gizmo, are instructed to arm yourself with a boxing glove.

While this is just one in-game cutscene, it suggests a bargain basement platformer, like Conker’s Bad Fur Day without the funny, on graphics better suited to Conker’s platform, the notoriously ugly N64, rather than the Playstation 2 and X-Box consoles this was being developed for.

There was, in fact, a Stripe Vs. Gizmo for the Gameboy Advance released the very same year this project was waste-paper-basketed, so we can assume it was originally intended as a multiplatform offering. I have no memory of that portable game, but it’s currently selling for $80 on Ebay, suggesting a level of deserved obscurity.

[Via Gremlins Online]