See The Internship early and free


What?! Passes for a screening in some other location than Washington, DC? Damn straight. Now if you live on the west coast (LA specifically) you can check out The Internship as well. Don’t worry DC folks we’ve got you covered too. Soon, like the Continental Railroad, we will unite this country in screenings.

For now just DC and LA get to see the movie. So luck them. I mean who doesn’t want to see Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson reunited?

The passes are through Gofobo so all you have to do is head over to the site and put the code in. There’s one code for LA and one code for DC so don’t get them mixed up. As always — no matter where you’re seeing it — get there early.

Washington, DC Screening

Thursday, June 6
AMC Georgetown
3111 K St. NW
Washington, DC

DC Code


LA Screening

Thursday June 6th @ 7:30PM
Arclight Hollywood

LA Code


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