See The Wizard of Oz 3D early and free


The Wizard of Oz, you say? But I’ve seen that a bajillion times. Yes, that may be true, but have you seen it in 3D and the big screen all digitally remastered? No, because that would be impossible until now since it was never done. But now that it is being done much better to see it for free than pay for a movie you’ve already seen a bajillion times. 

We have passes for a screening on Sept. 15 in the DC area. All you have to do is head below and click on the link and you’ll be able to grab a pass for two to see the classic in all its Technicolor glory. Bring the kids and introduce them to the awesome that is a horse of a different color. And with the 3D and big screen you’re sure to see that munchkin that committed suicide this time around.

Remember to get there early!

Sunday, September 15
10:30 AM
AMC Tysons Corner

Gofobo Link:

Matthew Razak
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