Serbian Film en route to US in May (hide your kids)


Shortly before Flixist officially launched, I had the experience of seeing A Serbian Film. It was violent, disturbing, gross, and altogether an endurance test for anyone watching, but all that aside, it was actually not that bad of a film. I expected mediocrity and received a halfway decent action-packed journey one man takes to give secure his family’s future.

For those of you who want to see the film, which was recently charged with exhibiting child porn at a Spanish film festival, you’ll get your chance in May when the edited version hits US shores, along with an uncut version that will be available to watch online.

I’m all for free speech. and art should push boundaries and challenge what’s right and wrong. A Serbian Film took it to an extreme, but at least it will be an extreme you can see for yourself on May 13th. Hit the jump for the full press release.

Also, have you seen the film? What did you think?

[Via /film]

Invincible Pictures announced today the theatrical release date for notorious thriller “A Serbian Film.” On Friday, May 13th, an edited version of “A Serbian Film” – a film that genre vets have repeatedly encouraged audiences NOT to watch – will be released to select theaters throughout North America. An unrated version of the film will be released exclusively on the same day.

“This is a excellent opportunity for FlixFling to offer something totally exclusive to our growing community,” said Tom Ashley, CEO. “It was always our intention to release this film uncut, but given the recent charges against Sitges Film Festival director Angel Sala, we have decided to release an edited version of the film. We believe this film deserves to be seen as the filmmakers originally intended and hope to be able to release ‘A Serbian Film’ uncut in the future.”

Touted as the most controversial film of all time, called “relentlessly horrifying” by one reviewer, “A Serbian Film” probes the life of Milos, a retired adult film star. Milos is lured out of retirement by a deep-pocketed director seeking to make the ultimate in art-house XXX film. What follows is the most depraved cinematic storytelling of a moral and political allegory ever seen. Consider yourself warned.

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