Set phasers to stun for new Men in Black: International trailer


Leading up to Men in Black 3 if you had asked me how eager I was to return to the world of covert cosmic comedy I’d probably have given a stuffy “Well do we need a sequel?” answer, and you could’ve slapped me in the face. Josh Brolin’s genius take on a young Agent K, doing just the best Tommy Lee Jones impression you could ask for, allayed any naysaying I might have done. With today’s trailer for the follow-up to the J/K Trilogy (can we call it that?), Men in Black: International is looking more and more like a worthwhile continuation of the G-man mayhem.

The latest trailer (after what I think is one of the slickest trailers we’ve seen in awhile) dishes some more deets on our story, with Tessa Thompson’s Agent M breaking into the folds of the MiB after a personal encounter with the agents, and an apparent intergalactic threat donning the guises of humans a-la Body Snatchers. It all sounds like a romp, if a little familiar.

These movies, in my humble opinion, soar on their buddy-cop aesthetic; Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones developed a great comic rapport, and the alien-blasting was a fun spectacle when the pacing called for it. Hot off of his caped MCU escapades, Chris Hemsworth looks to fill the mentor role in a chiseled, hunkish capacity, so hopefully he and Thompson make for a good team.

F Gary Gray (Friday, Straight Outta Compton, The Fate of the Furious) will be taking over for series director Barry Sonnenfeld, and with a resume like that I think he can cut the mustard.

I’m hopeful, and we shall see for certain when Men in Black: International opens June 14th, 2019.