Seth Lochhead to write adaption of Shadow of the Colossus


I had fortunately forgotten that Sony had made the decision the adapt Shadow of the Colossus, one of the most critically acclaimed and revered games of all time, into a movie. But lo and behold I’ve been reminded of this sacrilege by the fact that they have officially hired a writer, a one Mr. Seth Lochhead, co-writer of the surprisingly awesome Hanna, to adapt the game to film. I wish him luck, but sincerely doubt he’ll be able to accomplish such a daunting task.

Playing through Shadow of the Colossus is one of my most treasured video game memories, and I was blown away by the subtlety of its narrative, that at its core was about love and the sacrifices made for it. It would take a deft writer indeed to come even remotely close to capturing that same magic for another medium, not to mention a director who shares the same vision.

Some days I truly lament the lack of originality in Hollywood.

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