Seth MacFarlane asked to host the Oscars again


After a very controversial run as last year’s Oscar host, The Academy has reportedly asked director and comedian Seth MacFarlane if he would like to host next year’s show too. Now, what’s important is that MacFarlane’s Oscars isn’t controversial because he was or was not funny, the show made a lot of people very angry because of how sexist it was. Personally, I too laughed at some of his more unsavory jokes, but looking back it’s easy to see why people got so upset.

Why is The Academy inviting him back if he was so resoundingly denounced? One reason: the audience numbers and the money that translates to. Last year’s Oscars swelled to 40.3 million viewers over the previous year hosted by Billy Crystal, and perhaps most importantly they saw a big increase (about 20%) in viewers aged 18-34. This is also the particular age group which has been increasingly questioning the validity and importance of the Oscars altogether. What do you think? Is The Academy aiming to be “edgy” and “hip with the kids,” or do they just really enjoy a good rape joke?

Either way, we’re not sure if MacFarlane will actually accept the offer. Shortly after MacFarlane’s ceremony ended, he tweeted that he didn’t want to return as host. According to sources he has to accept or decline within the next few weeks.

[via Just Jared, Collider]