Seth MacFarlane officially not hosting the 2014 Oscars


Feminism can breathe a collective sigh of relief, comedian, actor and director Seth MacFarlane will officially not be hosting the 2014 Oscars. But, it’s not because the Academy has redacted their (probable) love of rape jokes or because the critical uproar in the wake of MacFarlane’s preformance lead to any introspection, embarrassment or even guilt on the part of the Academy, it’s because MacFarlane is just too darn busy.

Despite saying early on that he wouldn’t want to host the Oscars a second time, the Academy asked MacFarlane to return as host for the 2014 Oscars after the 2013 awards show saw a huge increase in younger viewers. Yesterday though, MacFarlane took to twitter to squash any rumors of his return and said that “[he’s] unable to do the Oscars again.” He added that he “tried to make it work schedule-wise, but [he] need[s] sleep.” He also suggested Joaquin Phoenix as the next Oscar host, and sounds like a pretty entertaining idea, if maybe for the wrong reasons. Whoever the next Oscar host is, just lay-off the rape jokes, please.

[via /Film]