Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville gets a spacey trailer


Say what you like, but Seth MacFarlane can be hilarious, and he’s a massive nerd. Letting him, and John Favrue, take a stab at parodying Star Trek is a good idea. Fox debuted the trailer for The Orville today at their upfronts, and I have to say it looks pretty funny. More importantly it looks like more than just a parody. While they do poke fun at the tropes of Star Trek it seems like this will stand more on its own as it evolves down the road. 

MacFarlane plays Ed Mercer who captains a ship with his ex-wife, played by Adrianne Palicki. That casting alone should get you in, but the fact that there seems to be some actual plot and character behind the humor bodes well as well. 

The show will be on Thursdays this Fall, but doesn’t have a premier date yet.

Matthew Razak
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