Seth Rogen and Lonely Island want to make fun of the Fyre Festival


It’s been a rough year for the folks behind Fyre Festival. How were they to know that lying about a luxury music festival and charging thousands of dollars while bands mysteriously backed out was going to end poorly? There were two documentaries released simultaneously on Netflix and Hulu that drew a lot of attention and finger-pointing. It’s interesting to note that Netflix’s Fyre was produced by the marketing agency put in charge of promoting the festival itself. Jerry Media was nearly absent from their own doc, while Hulu’s Fyre Fraud focused on the deep involvement of the social media conglomerate and its part in the blame. 

While the memes still have some shelf life, Seth Rogen and the boys of Lonely Island have been tossing around the idea of a parody film. There’s success in parody done right, as is evident in 2016’s Popstar, which featured Lonely Island members of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone. Samberg also starred in the HBO mock-docs 7 Days in Hell and Tour de Pharmacy. Unfortunately, no other info is available at this time, but given the ever-changing cycle of events and how quickly things churn, they may need to act soon to catch the wave while it’s still fresh.

Fyre Festival: Lonely Island and Seth Rogen working on parody film about disastrous event [Independent]


Nick Hershey