Seven Psychopaths gains a Woody, puts on Waits


Not much is known about Seven Psychopaths, although the cast being put together by writer/director Martin McDonagh (best known for In Bruges) makes it immediately worth paying attention to. Mickey Rourke might have jumped ship, but Colin Farrell is still on board, along with Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken (PLEASE let those two have a dance-off). As if that weren’t enough thespian eccentricity for any one movie, Woody Harrelson and Tom Waits have also now signed on, alongside former Bond girl and model Olga Kurylenko.

It isn’t clear what role each actor will be playing yet, although Harrelson will be taking over whatever part Rourke was occupying before he fell out with McDonagh and rourked… I mean, walked. The story revolves around a writer suffering creative block who accidentally becomes involved with a dog kidnapping racket run by two of his friends, only for them to unknowingly steal the Shih Tzu (naturally) of a merciless gangster who doesn’t take kindly to his beloved ickle doggy going missing. Pretty much exactly the plot you would expect from a movie starring Rockwell, Walken and Harrelson, in other words.

[via IndieWire]