SF print for PT Anderson’s The Master is the cat’s PJs


Earlier in the week we shared two promo videos for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, which coincided with a special screening in San Francisco at the Castro Theater last Tuesday. In addition to film being shown in glorious 70mm, people who attended the screening had the opportunity to buy an exclusive, limited edition print for The Master. I’m not sure of the print run, but I’m hoping that some hi-res version or reprint will be available in the future. Science shows that it’s the wasp’s elbows.

The imagery is a great play on the mirrored pictures in Rorschach tests. It’s clear, however, that the two eyes are different — one belongs to Joaquin Phoenix while the other belongs to Philip Seymour Hoffman. That touch of clever asymmetry makes it worthy to stand with the booze bottle poster for The Master and the kaleidoscope poster for The Master.

Check out a keen full version of the ink blot poster in the gallery. Also included is a print for There Will Be Blood by Tony Johnson, whose work will be part of an exhibition at the Print Club in London starting August 31st. The Master hits theaters on September 14th. Keep an eye out for Jonny Greenwood’s soundtrack to The Master as well, which comes out September 11th.

[Via Cigarettes and Red Vines]

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