Shaft’s latest trailer shows old age can’t stop a badass


Warner Bros. uploaded a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Shaft sequel and I’m surprised at how good it looks. I’ve never associated Shaft with being low quality or bad, but I don’t remember the last film being that fondly remembered. Now, we have multiple generations of Shaft in the same film and it looks awesome.

If you’re a bit confused, this film was previously titled Son of Shaft. I suppose the team-up idea was too good of an angle to pass up, so the film was rebranded to let people know this is about the Shaft family. If that lets us see Richard Roundtree in his most iconic role, I’m fine with that.

Shaft will be coming to theaters on June 14, 2019. It will be distributed by Warner Bros. in the US and Netflix internationally.

SHAFT – Official Trailer [HD]

SHAFT – Official Trailer [HD] [Warner Bros. Pictures via YouTube]

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