Shailene Woodley looking to play MJ in Spider-Man 2… 2


Even though this summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man was met mostly with an indifferent ‘meh’ and a shoulder shrug, the sequel has been greenlit and Mark Webb is committed to doing the web-slinger justice as best as he can. So if a sequel has been announced, but isn’t in production and not scheduled for release for another two years, what are we to do until then? Share every little detail that is revealed, of course! 

Variety is reporting that Peter Parker’s long standing love interest Mary Jane Watson will be making her first appearance — or fourth, depending on your perspective — in Webb’s arachnid follow up, and that Shailene Woodley is in talks to play the character opposite the returning Andrew Garfield. They go on to say that Electro is also being consider as the film’s (hopefully only) villain. 

I really wanted to like The Amazing Spider-Man, but walked away disappointed for reasons I can’t recall at the moment. Maybe when I see it again I’ll find more to like, but until then I’m afraid the most I can muster up is apathy and indifference. What did you guys think of it?

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