Shane Black officially directing Iron Man 3


Man, it’s nice when the things you want turn out to happen! Shane Black, engineer of Robert Downey Jr.’s stellar comeback, has been signed to direct Iron Man 3. He takes over for Jon Favreau after, the rumor mill says, he grew tired of Marvel’s penny-pinching and stranglehold-control over the project. Black, who is also a fairly stellar screenwriter, may or may not be helping to write the script; that much has not been decided yet. As a person with decent taste, I certainly hope he does.

This really couldn’t make me happier. Shane Black has deserved a comeback for years. He’s a super talented filmmaker and writer, and in today’s Hollywood, people that excel at both of those talents simultaneously are hard to find. I’m confident he can turn in something that was worlds better than Iron Man 2.

[Via Deadline]