Sharknado 3 has a title


You’d think two movies about weather-related shark attacks would be more than enough to last the human race until our surely-impending end, but sometimes the world is a funny place. Despite all logic, a third Sharknado film is on its way, and now it has a release date and a proper title.

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! will air on the SyFy Network on July 22, the channel announced today. This latest marine life weather assault will this time crash into Washington, D.C., where for some God-forsaken reason Mark Cuban and Ann Coulter are the president and vice president of the United States (remember that thing about or impending doom?). Defending senators, heads of state and pundits from badly-CGI’d sharks will be Tara Reid and Ian Ziering, returning from the previous two movies. Will Sharknado 3 be the movie when we finally uncover a way to predict or prevent shark-related destruction such as this, or will Mother Nature say “oh, HELL no!”, forcing us to endure these cruel judgments of an angry God annually forever more, just for His divine amusement and retribution? Find out this summer, but the answer is probably “as long as SyFy thinks you’ll keep watching.”

[via Collider]