Sharknado meets Killer Klowns from Outer Space in first Clownado trailer


Clownado - Final Trailer

This may come as a surprise, but if there’s one thing I’m a fan of it’s ridiculousness and absurdity. You know what’s very ridiculous, incredibly absurd? A tornado full of clowns. Perhaps you would argue that’s trying too hard, that’s too much–to which I would dutifully respond that maybe there is no such thing as too much.

Clownado, from director Todd Sheets (Sorority Babes in the Dance-a-thon of Death) comes a vision in which demonic clowns use tornadoes to exact revenge from a small town. This leaves a stripper, Elvis impersonator, truck driver, and a teen runaway to face off against a femme fatal and the boss clown from hell.

With the upcoming It: Chapter Two, we need a clown horror film to remind us that yeah clown are blood-thirsty murder machines, but they can be fun blood-thirsty murder machines. To paraphrase the storm chaser in the trailer, in all my years of movie watching I’ve never seen anything like this before. And what I’ve seen so far looks like a very good time.

Clownado is due to touch down sometime this summer.

Kyle Yadlosky
Kyle Yadlosky only cares about trash. The trippy, bizarre, DIY, and low-budget are his home. He sleeps in dumpsters and eats tinfoil. He also writes horror fiction sometimes.