Shaun of the Dead Lego set is a step closer to reality


At the end of 2011, we told you about an awesome fan-made Winchester/Shaun of the Dead Lego set by Yatkuu (aka Gregory Coquelz from Belgium). Then just a few days after that, we told you that you could help Yatkuu make the Shaun of the Dead Lego set a real thing. The project needed 10,000 supporters for official consideration by Lego.

A few months (and a Simon Pegg appearance on Conan) later, and it’s finally happened! Congratulations to Yatkuu, achievement unlocked! “I’m over the moon!” he told The Guardian a few days ago.

There’s a little snag, however. Lego will now need to determine if the set is suitable for production. An official statement from the company on Yatkuu’s Cuusoo page says that while they’re happy that the project received such widespread support, the themes and content of Shaun of the Dead may mean the set won’t be produced. Internal discussions will take to take place at Lego before anything definitive is said, so stay tuned.

After the cut, join us in a song to celebrate Yatkuu’s success.

[Via The Guardian, Yatkuu’s Cuusoo page]

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