Shawn Levy developing Deadliest Warrior movie


There was a period a couple months ago where I burned through all of the episodes of Deadliest Warrior on Netflix. I’d just have it going in the background while getting other work done, and the show would always follow the same formula: the stabbing or bludgeoning of inanimate fleshy/bony/ballistics gel-y things, silly trash talk between the respective warrior surrogates, and then a cheesy fight at the end, usually accompanied by dubious justification for the outcome.

Shawn Levy (Real Steel, Night at the Museum) is currently developing a film version of the show which he will likely produce. It sounds heavier on the fighting and light on the rigorous scientific research (i.e., quantifying smashy-smash and calculating stabby-stab).

“It’s a huge idea that basically says, ‘What if you united warriors from 12 different epochs on to the same team to do battle against and with each other?'” Levy told Digital Spy. “That’s a big f**king awesome movie and it’s a really good script, so it’s something I hope we will make.”

It’s unclear which 12 historical warriors they’d have duke it out. I’d be all for something along the lines of the Time Bandits finale. Maybe they could just have a bunch of people fight David Warner for 90 minutes — I wouldn’t mind that. Who would you pick to fill out the roster of 12 warriors?

[Via Digital Spy]

Hubert Vigilla
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