Tatiana Maslany will hulk out as She-Hulk


Sources close to Deadline have revealed that Disney and Marvel are pretty much dead set on casting actress Tatiana Maslany as the titular character in its upcoming She-Hulk series. Earlier this week, the outlet learned that Kat Coiro (Dead to Me, The Kids Are Alright) would be directing a few episodes and the information has seemingly come with some extra details that Disney wasn’t quite ready to share.

While it should be noted that this information isn’t 100% confirmed, it seems all but certain Maslany will wind up hulking out in 2022. Known for her remarkable turn on the series Orphan Black, Maslany has been doing excellent work in a range of films for more than a decade now. She’s certainly much better casting than Ronda Rousey, who was rumored to be eyed by Marvel late last year.

What remains to be seen is how Marvel will approach this character for She-Hulk. Maslany will obviously not be getting painted green, but will the show fixate on character Jennifer Walters in her hulked out form, or explore her life before her transformation? Will Maslany be bulking up, or is Disney going to shell out for CGI on a web series? Considering The Mandalorian uses the Unreal Engine to power some of its effects, maybe we’ll see something closer to that.

Source: Deadline

Peter Glagowski
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