Shephard Fairey pays homage to They Live



That’s the word commonly branded on street art locations of prominence even since Shephard Fairey started doing his thing in the early 90’s. The rebel has since turned that slogan into a clothing line, getting arrested just often enough to keep up appearances. While I don’t know of any time that Fairey openly admitted that OBEY was lifted from the 80’s John Carpenter movie They Live, it was pretty clear in the way that word was similarly used the film, and Fairey has also used “This is Your God.”

In a wink totally devoid of subtelty, there is now a Shephard Fairey They Live poster just because. I doubt fans of his work will care that he did this, but for those of us who love Roddy Piper cheese more than modern art, it would be a much nicer print to own than one of the original poster/VHS box art, a wholly generic offering that likely made certain that if They Live was to be a success, it would be among the underground.

The full Fairey image is rockin’ it after the jump.