Shia LaBeouf’s latest film, Man Down, sells one ticket in UK premiere


You remember Shia LaBeouf, the boy who cried giant, alien, metal, transforming robots from space, back in … oh the Mesozoic era (2007), right? Well, that fast-talking pre-hipster who made out with Megan Fox at the height of her hotness, in Transformers, is still making movies, somehow, despite a series of public intoxication incidents and incredibly bad performance art stunts.

His latest film is some kind of war movie, slash thriller, slash drama, slash Lifetime movie, in which a soldier is confused or not and things have happened or haven’t. Confused? Me too.

Hence, it’s not all that surprising the UK premiere for Man Down sold just one ticket. One ticket. There have been jokes regarding how this must be some sort of Guinness record, but no joke, it must be. Whether or not all time, or all time by an actor who’s box office tally is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, it’s a record.

I’m nearly impressed. Maybe that was the goal? Is this all another elaborate performance piece? He did somehow convince Gary Oldman to get involved.

What say ye merry gentlemen? Did the once great heir to the Transformers franchise and the heir apparent to Indiana Jones get this one right, or was is it another example of what can go wrong in Hollywood? You can find out right now, as the film was released on VOD simultaneously with it’s UK box office release.





[Via Variety]