Shia reckons Indy 5 isn’t far away, for some reason


In an interview with MTV, Shia LaBeouf has asserted his belief that a new Indiana Jones movie definitely probably isn’t far off. His reasoning? Harrison Ford is going to the gym.

Okay, there’s a smidgen more to it than that. Apparently George Lucas is ‘out there’ (tell us something we don’t already know) looking for a MacGuffin for the new movie. For those unfamiliar with Hitchcockian movie speak, a MacGuffin is a device around which the plot can revolve – so the Crystal Skulls in the previous movie, the Holy Grail before that, etc. That’s still a pretty big leap to ‘not so far off’, so he repeats his nugget of info about Ford buffing up in case it didn’t sink in first time around, before stating he’d “love to do another.” What Transformers isn’t good enough for you any more, Mr. La-Di-Dah-Beouf?

What’s that? You want to know what the news story is? Well, Harrison Ford could turn up as one of those old guys you see hanging around gyms sometimes. George Lucas is ‘out there’. Shia LaBeouf says things sometimes. Indiana Jones was mentioned. So there. Oodles to talk about. Oodles.

[via MTV]