Shocker! JJ Abrams is working on a mystery project!


I’m wondering when J.J. Abrams is going to try a different approach to his movies other than the mystery box approach he’s done with everything he’s involved with since Lost. If this guy ever intends to make a straightforward kind of movie, perhaps a revisiting of Felicity, I wonder if he can try to market his movie in a way that doesn’t leave me kinda bored by the “oooh, what could this possibly meeeean” thing. Anyway, the man’s teamed up with screenwriter Billy Ray, no relation to Billy Ray Cyrus, for a “mystery adventure.” Billy Ray is the writer of the upcoming film Pan, which reimagines the Peter Pan story with Pan as a child kidnapper and Hook as the detective assigned to stop him. That sounds as dumb as I think it does, right? I’m not just crazy?

Details on this collaboration are, of course, scarce and will likely remain so until the film releases in, what, 2014? 2015? Is JJ directing this movie, or is it one more in a long line of things he’s executive producing? The answer, of course, is that it is lunch time, and I will put food in my tummy now.

[Via Deadline]