Should works be held accountable for creators’ views?


Inspired by the Ender’s Game controversy, the Flixist staff take to their webcams to talk about whether or not they believe films (and other artistic works) should be held accountable for the views of their creators. Orson Scott Card’s views (and his actions based on those views) have put him in some politically hot water, and it’s possible that the upcoming adaptation of his book will suffer for it. “Suffer” being a relative term, because undoubtedly it will make plenty of money from all the people without morals.

(Just kidding, mostly.)

Let us know what you think about this in the comments. It’s really quite a complicated issue, and we’d love to hear where you all stand.

[Also, I want a t-shirt with the new slogan Hubert coins at the end on it. Sure, people may not take derogatory comments towards Orson Scott Card well, but he sucks, so whatever.]