Should you see Finding Nemo in 3D?


Finding Nemo is the latest in a string of 3D re-releases from Disney and the third 3D re-release specifically from Pixar (the first two being Toy Story and its sequel). With Finding Nemo, Disney chose to not only convert the film to 3D but also to re-render the entire film in 4K, offering a much clearer and more detailed picture than ever before, mainly to prepare for the film’s impending release on blu-ray. But should you shell out upwards of fifteen smackers to see it in theaters? Short answer: yes.

While I’m generally very against converting movies into 3D that weren’t shot in 3D, catching Finding Nemo on the big screen with this new transfer is a gorgeous experience. All the colors pop in a way that you haven’t seen on your old DVD release of the film, and the new print is simply gorgeous to behold. If you’re pretty set against 3D, you’re not going to miss too much if you skip this one, but judging from this new print, the transfer on the blu-ray is definitely going to be worth a purchase.