Shows I’m Looking Forward To: The Last Man on Earth Season 2


The Last Man on Earth was one of my surprise favorites of the year when it came to television. The dark comedy started as one-man-show tour de force starring Will Forte as Phil, the titular last man on Earth in post-epidemic Tuscon, Arizona. After a while though, Phil gets some unexpected company in his bachelor paradise by Carol, played by the always energetic Kristen Schaal.

Over the course of the first season, more survivors start showing up and push Phil to the edge, putting him on the losing end of a post apocalyptic War of the Sexes. The season ultimately ends with Phil and Carol staking out on their own to explore the rest of the country (with a bombshell teaser for season two I dare not spoil here) and ready to give this “end of the world” thing another shot.

Last Man’s debut season was hilarious and inventive, but this comes as no shock since comedic powerhouses Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The LEGO Movie, 21 Jump St.) spearheaded the project alongside Forte. Although, the biggest complaint I heard about the show was that the “what would you do in the end of the world” angle was abandoned a little too fast for some (Carol shows up by the end of the first episode). It looks like we might get more of the fun side of the apocalypse in some the newest commercials and previews for season two, which starts up September 27th on Fox.

As much fun as it was seeing Phil at odds with Carol and the last men and women on Earth, previews show a lot more of Phil and Carol living alone together in harmony– moving into the White House, sharing a margarita pool for two, and even making out a little on the side.

Details were sparse for the first season as not to ruin the reveals of more survivors and stakes, so I’m sure there’s still plenty more twists and secrets that are being hidden from us– Miller and Lord have actually teased in some previous interviews that the new season may involve the search for Phil’s lost brother. In the meantime, much like the first few episodes of the first season, season two of Last Man is making being the last survivors on Earth look like oh so much fun all over again.

Are any of you guys excited for the new season of The Last Man on Earth or any other Fall shows? Let us know in the comments!