Silly hipsters, deer hunting is for Robert DeNiro


On a nice day in a nice hipster farm house, all the hipsters were gathered together doing hipster yoga. They noticed a herd of deer in a nearby field, and decided to add in a deer hunt in between downward dogs. They were, after all, in the process of filming First Winter, a post apocalyptic indie movie from hipster filmmaker Ben Dickinson. They took a rifle and a camera, and committed the killing to film.

Apparently they’re now in hot water about that – and as unwashed hipsters, they’re not really used to it. The crew apparently did not get a hunting license; add to that that they shot the deer well outside of sanctioned deer hunting season.

“We are idiots,” says Ben Dickinson. Yoga class instructor and actor Paul Manza fired the killing shot, and faces a fine or even possible imprisonment for the unregistered, spur-of-the-moment hunt. Reiterating, here, that Ben Dickinson said “We are idiots.”

First Snow opened to critical acclaim at the Tribeca Festival (read our review), and the publicity from the wayward deer hunt can only help them now. Hey, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, leave those hipsters alone. 

[Via DNAinfo]