Simon Pegg is back for Mission Impossible 5


We’ve got a director, a writer, and a date for Mission: Impossible 5, so it’s about time we start in on the cast. Of course Tom Cruise is back, and Jeremy Renner has also been tapped to reprise his role as Jeremy Renner’s Character. Thankfully, Simon Pegg recently confirmed to MTV News that he would be returning as badass-hacker-scamp Benji. “I’m looking forward to [the film], I’ve already started eating one carrot a day.” Pegg joked in a The World’s End-centric interview.

As much as I love both Pegg and Benji, I really can’t stop thinking about a Hot Fuzz/Mission: Impossible crossover. And if you’ve seen Hot Fuzz, like most decent people, now you’re thinking about it too. The World’s End taught us that Nick Frost secretly has the potential to be a fantastic action hero, so it wouldn’t just be Pegg against the whole IMF.

What if Hunt and Jeremy Renner’s Character have to go to Sanford to steal some kind of MacGuffin and come into conflict with Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman? Frost in a bar fight with Renner would be a real sight to see. Maybe they could redo the scenes where Danny talks about action movies, but put Ethan in Nicholas’ role and Nicholas in Danny’s? The plausibilities are endless!

MI:5 comes out Christmas 2015, much to the chagrin of our beloved News Editor, Nick Valdez.

[Source: Collider]