Simon Pegg says the Trek 2 villain isn’t Khan, is annoyed


Goddamn, but I’m sick of the back and forth on this movie. In an interview with the Telegraph, Simon Pegg said, refreshingly bluntly, “It’s not Khan…That’s a myth. Everyone’s saying it is, but it’s not,” going on to take a well-deserved dig at the movie blogger/journalist community scouring for new stories to get “the scoop.” At this point, now, the word has gone back and forth so many times as to who the villain of the Star Trek sequel is that, for all I know, Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be playing all of those white on one side/black on the other side dudes in one commanding, three-hundred-part performance.

I just wish J.J. Abrahms didn’t have to do the goddamned mystery box thing for every goddamned movie he makes. You can just say, “Yep, it’s Klingons and Khan,” or “It’s Harry Mudd and that thing that pretended to be God from Final Frontier,” and it’s not going to devalue your movie. This isn’t Cloverfield or Super 8, where half the fun was trying to ferret out what sort of movie is happening here. This is a damn Star Trek movie. Kirk’s going to punch some aliens and bed a green broad. Scotty’s going to say that he cannae control tha’ warp nacealles at this speed, cap’n! Bones will be Bones.

If this is all leading up to a Comic-Con announcement where Benedict Cumberbatch wears a fake set of pecs and Chris Pine shouts, “KHAAAAN!,” it’s not going to be that funny. Ok, that’d be some fantastic trolling, and I’d have to give them credit for it.

[Via Telegraph]