Simon Pegg will return for Mission Impossible 7

Our City Tonight with Simon Pegg - Extended Version

In a recent interview with Canadian host Jim Gordon on “Our City Tonight,” actor Simon Pegg basically confirmed he’ll be returning in Mission Impossible 7. Having played intelligence agent Benji in the past four films, it wouldn’t quite be the same without his English presence.

As you can see in the video (at the 11-minute mark), Pegg says, “I have another Mission: Impossible¬†to start next year,” when asked about his plans for the future. As Collider points out, this interview was likely recorded sometime in December 2019. It wouldn’t make sense if Pegg was set to start filming in 2021 when 7 releases then. I suppose he could be skipping 7 and jumping straight to 8, but that doesn’t really add up.

Whatever the case, Pegg will be returning. That is good news for fans of Tom Cruise’s action spectacles.

It Sure Sounds Like Simon Pegg Announced He’s Back for ‘Mission: Impossible 7 [Collider]

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