Sin City 2 goes into production with A Dame To Kill For


Robert Rodriguez has been talking up a sequel to his 2005 adaptation of co-director Frank Miller’s Sin City for years now, to the extent of the project becoming a joke amongst fans who never expected to see it on-screen. Rodriguez’s reputation as someone with a mouth several leagues ahead of his productivity didn’t help in lending credibility to his constant promises.

However, it seems there may actually be some movement on the project, with news that casting has begun and A Dame To Kill For – the best of the Sin City comics as far as I’m concerned – selected as the headline story, accompanied by two original ones written by Miller, one reportedly titled The Long, Bad Night. Dame is a prequel to The Big Fat Kill, which starred lead character Dwight after having surgery to change his face. Whether a new character will replace Clive Owen in the role has not been announced, although Dame‘s story wouldn’t require too much alteration to make room for the original actor. Sin City is by a distance the best movie Rodriguez has made in a highly inconsistent career (his first feature, El Mariachi, is the only one to come close) so fingers crossed the sequel’s extensive development time will pay off into something worthy of its predecessor.

[via Deadline]