Sin City to become a TV series that may reunite Frank Miller with Robert Rodriguez


Frank Miller is a comic book creator that frustrates me to no end. As a creator he has plenty of neat and cool ideas that are worthy of a story, but his execution varies from being repetitive to just plain awful. This is the man who wrote Holy Terror, a comic with a Batman stand-in killing Muslims and torturing them because of a 9/11 allegory. Miller has a distinct style of writing to say the least, featuring characters repeating their thoughts that isn’t easy to read or even experience. It can be tough to read. So tough. Tough as nails. Tough as steel. Tough.

It never sounds natural is what I’m getting at. 

Yet when people ask what his best stories are, if you don’t say The Dark Knight Returns, you’d probably say Sin City. Sin City was a bonafide classic and was adapted into a successful 2005 movie thanks to Robert Rodriguez. Now, nearly 15 years later, it seems likely that pair will be returning to turn the comic into a TV series.

The Sin City TV series will be produced by FX and is guaranteed to run for at least one season, contingent on the series getting picked up by either a TV network or a streaming service. Given that FX has been shopping their shows to other networks recently, it could appear on anywhere from Netflix to Amazon Prime or even HBO. Miller and Rodriguez are expected to serve as executive producers on the series along with Stephen L’Heureux, who served as a produced for the sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, as well as Silenn Thomas, one of the heads of Miller’s production company. This deal also includes an animated prequel series to the book. 

While I’ve never been the biggest Frank Miller fan, there’s no denying that the man is a talented writer and is usually at his best when someone’s around to reel in his more graphic and unpleasant tendencies. While it’s way too early to tell how this series will turn out, I will never say no to more Sin City.

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