Six Billion Dollar Man loses its direction, Mel Gibson may step in


The Six Million Dollar Man updated movie adaptation, The Six Billion Dollar Man, never really seemed like that good of an idea. They could take it in two directions, either a campy update or an all out superhero movie, and I don’t know if either would work. At the moment, however, it has no direction at all as director Damian Szifron, who also co-wrote the film, has dropped off the project.

No reason has been given except for the generic “creative differences.” Maybe he wanted to go the camp route, and the studio wanted something serious. I don’t know if an adaptation starring Mark Wahlberg of a campy TV show is the rock I’d want to die on for my artistic freedom, but it seems its the one Szifron does.

Despite this setback, the studio is still looking to begin shooting shooting this summer and that means they need a director ASAP. According to THR Mel Gibson may be that man. He was already rumored to play a part in the film, so having him jump into the directors seat might be easier than a whole new search. He hasn’t had a mainstream blockbuster in a long time so it’d be interesting to see what he does with it if he comes on.

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Matthew Razak
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