Six new Django Unchained images


We’ve got a host of new images for Quentin Terantino’s upcoming Western of awesomeness Django Unchained and they are looking mighty fine. Mighty fine indeed. This is our second look at all the main players, but our first look at the horses. Those are some mighty fine horses and Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz look pretty badass riding them. 

I still can’t get behind Leonardo DiCaprio’s look, however. I understand what they’re going for with the rich plantation owner look, but I don’t know if Leo could ever pull that off. Thankfully, DiCaprio is a good enough actor to pull any role off even if he doesn’t quite look the part, and with Tarantino directing I think we’ll all be to soaked in spaghetti Western goodness to care that much.

Also of note is the fact that Tarantino seems to be sporting some cowboy duds in the shot of him directing. He’s not credited with a role in the film yet, so he’s either really into dressing up like a cowboy or he’ll have a cameo at some point.

Matthew Razak
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