Skyfall’s Bond girls get a video blog


Matt and I are ridiculously devoted Bond nerds, so expect extensive coverage of the fifty-year old series in the build-up to Flixist’s Skyfall review next month. You’ll hear more about that very soon, but in the meantime, the movie’s publicity machine continues to build excitement, this time with a production video blog focusing on the movie’s two leading ladies, Bérénice Marlohe’s Severine and Naomie Harris’ Eve.

There’s nothing surprising or revelatory in there, just the usual round of actors lavishing praise on everything to do with the movie and the Bond series, but you’ll find a smidgen of new footage, which is always a plus. While Marlohe is a newcomer, Naomie Harris should prove a spirited addition to the Bond girl pantheon, and her character hopefully a somewhat more capable field agent than the insufferable Mary Goodnight or Jinx.