Skyline directors’ new project looks insane


Pretty much everyone in the world agreed that Skyline sucked. However, Colin and Greg Strause’s next project looks Crank 2-level bananas. The film is called War of the Ages, and it’s about history’s greatest military minds getting together and having a fight. Seriously. Here’s a quote from the Strause Brother’s on the project:

“War of the Ages is going to be the next news item. Basically, an ancient artifact is uncovered, time is shattered and the seven greatest war leaders in history have to battle each other out. It’s sort of like The Lord of the Rings meets Gladiator. You have Napoleon vs. Julius Caesar vs. Attila the Hun vs. Genghis Khan vs. Alexander vs. Hannibal. So, there you go. It’s going to be in 3D and it’s a big sword-and-sandal epic.” 

They also plan to shoot a ninety-second trailer in order to help sell the film, as they did with Skyline. I have to say, despite the awfulness of Skyline, this looks so ridiculous. It might be the next midnight-movie hit. Also, I bet you anything that the post-credits coda will be all those historical figures sitting around saying, “Man, I’m glad we saved time itself!” Suddenly, there’s a bombastic “OR DID YOU?,” and the Founding Fathers show up riding giant eagles and firing M-16s. I think I just invented the best, most American thing ever.

[Via JoBlo]