Skywalker finally falls as 1917 goes wide and claims the top spot


1917 may have been out for two weeks but it spent those two weeks playing in only 11 theaters. This weekend, however, it finally opened wide in 3,434 theaters and it rode its Golden Globe wins to a stunning victory, besting expectations by around $10 million. With $36.5 million in revenue the movie easily took the number one spot for the weekend and could continue its dominance as it just pulled in a ton of notable Oscar nominations as well. 

Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker still played well, of course, and will net Disney $1 billion soon so don’t feel too bad for its plummet from the top spot. It’s showing decent legs on the whole, though is still tracking closer to The Last Jedi than The Force Awakens

Meanwhile, this weekend’s only real new opener, Like a Boss, bombed even more than it was supposed to. The movie wasn’t supposed to make much but $10 million is disappointing even still. It still fared better than Fox’s long-delayed Underwater, which could only pull together $7 million. The movie had been sitting on the shelf so long that TJ Miller had a role in it. Probably best it didn’t do well, despite it being decent.  

1. 1917 – $36,500,000
2. Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker – $15,059,000
3. Jumanji: The Next Level – $14,000,000
4. Like a Boss – $10,000,000
5. Just Mercy – $10,000,000
6. Little Women – $7,650,000
7. Underwater – $7,003,000
8. Frozen 2 – $5,761,000
9. Knives Out – $5,725,000
10. Spies in Disguise – $5,108,000

Matthew Razak
Matthew Razak is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Flixist. He has worked as a critic for more than a decade, reviewing and talking about movies, TV shows, and videogames. He will talk your ear off about James Bond movies, Doctor Who, Zelda, and Star Trek.