Slices of fried gold: Lego Shaun of the Dead


This should really, really be the next Lego game. Seriously.

I had a really bad day today. My paycheck got, for lack of a better word, penetrated by the state of Connecticut, I had to work from 9:00 AM ’til 8:00 PM tonight, and almost as long tomorrow. I almost lost my mind. Then, this happened.

I love Shaun of the Dead. It’s hands down my favorite film of all time. Legos are similarly one of those fantastic toys that, if put in front of me at any age, I would play with and build some unholy plastic abomination or two. Flickr user/mad genius Yatkuu created these amazing set-ups ripped straight from the movie and they tickle me pink. Check them out in the gallery and hopefully they’ll make your day a whole lot better like they did mine. 

[Via Collider]