Sly not writing or directing Expendables 2


While the sequel to last year’s OAP actioner The Expendables is chundering ahead like a sixty-year old weightlifter machine-gunning his way through a fictional dictator’s island stronghold (was that metaphor too much?), this time around it won’t be Sly Stallone guiding the camera or devising the ‘story’, had such a thing existed in the first place. According to Joblo, Stallone will nevertheless remain as producer and star of the picture, and has been meeting prospective directors to handle a script by David Agosto and Ken Kaufman.

It’s probably a wise decision, all things considered: Stallone’s last two projects have relied heavily on the nostalgia factor to overcome some clunky scripting, and the sequel will have to provide something new to keep audiences interested. There’s not much clue yet as to what this latest Expendables will involve (explosions and grouchy old people are a given though), but Bruce Willis is heavily rumoured to be expanding his original cameo and given how Ahnuld has said he’s looking for a comeback role, that possibility shouldn’t be discounted either. Predictably, a whole retirement home of former action greats have been linked with the film – check Wikipedia for a complete list – but in light of recent events, the most magnificent would be Charlie Sheen, whom Stallone was supposedly pursuing to play a CIA Agent on the trail of Willis’ crime lord. If Sheen has taken to waving a machete around and drinking ‘tiger blood’ in real life, just imagine the havoc he could cause in the Expend-iverse!

[via Joblo, Wikipedia]