Sly Stallone takes a Bullet To The Head


Continuing his late career revival as a creaky-jointed action star, Sly Stallone will star in an adaptation of French comic book Du Plomb Dans La Tête, known outside the world of cheese-eating surrender monkeys as Bullet To The Head. The movie will be produced by Joel Silver, who is about as experienced working in the genre as any man in the industry, and directed by Walter Hill, whose career started with the fantastic Charles Bronson boxer Hard Times and has been pretty unremarkable ever since (unless you’re a member of Red Heat‘s cult following).

The comic is helpfully enough an homage to ’80s/early ’90s action movies, concerning a partnership between a New Orleans assassin and a New York cop who team up to take down the people who killed each of their partners. You may have heard the project originally announced as Headshot and with Thomas Jane involved, but both that original title and actor have now been ditched. Fast Five‘s Sung Kang has joined in a supporting role. Could be a laugh.

[via Empire]