Smurfs reboot gets a release date


I know what you’re asking yourself, and yes, the Smurfs are getting another movie and despite the fact that the whole premise was actually making a ton of money Sony has decided to reboot the series. They’ll be releasing the reboot on March 31 of 2017.

That’s the news of course, but you’re probably dying to know about this reboot, right? No? Well, we’re going to tell you anyway. The film will step away from its predecessor’s animation/live action combo and instead be an entirely animated fare that is more akin to the original vision of Smurf creator Peyo. From the production blog on the film (image above and in the gallery from there) it definitely does look different and director Kelly Asbury has a very solid track record with animated films. 

The question is was there really a clamoring for The Smurfs to return to their source material? I don’t think anyone is walking around worrying about the sanctity of the Smurfs like they do Hunger Games

Matthew Razak
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