Snow White and the Huntsman now with actor’s images


Snow White and the Huntsman is just one of the plethora of Snow White films coming out, but from this character shots it definitely looks to be the one that’s taking the fairytale in a pretty different direction. While Tarsem Singh’s Snow White looks fancy from its first peek, it looks very fairytale. Huntsman on the other hand looks more like a medieval knight film than a fairytale.

In order below you’ll see Chris Hemsworth as the Hunstman, Kristen Stewart as the most heavily armored Snow White ever, Sam Claflin as the Prince and Charlize Theron as the Queen. Considering that the plan is to make the story into a trilogy I can understand why they’ve revamped the look and most likely a lot of the plot.

Does Snow White with a fancy shield get you more excited for the movie?


Matthew Razak
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