Snowden trailer brings Oliver Stone back to reality


Oliver Stone’s recent work hasn’t really lived up to the man’s classics, but the guy loves to make films about controversial current events (W., World Trade Center) and his next one takes on Edward Snowden, in the aptly named Snowden. Above is the first teaser trailer for the film, which seems appropriately dark and moody for a Stone film. 

It’s pretty clear what side of the hero/villain line that Stone is going to fall on here, but keeping things objective isn’t really an Oliver Stone quality anyway. There’s no actual footage of the film in the trailer, but we did get our first official look of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Snowden that you can check out below. It’ll be interesting to see if Stone can pull himself out of his decades long funk to deliver a film that is truly worth the story it’s covering.

Matthew Razak
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