Snyder’s Man of Steel to be edgy, emotional


Dylan Sprayberry, who plays the young Clark Kent in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel, told ClevverTV that the film will have an edgy feel “like The Dark Knight.” The recent Glee guest star says that Snyder was wary of presenting “the all-American superhero that saves everyone” and that the film will be “realistic and emotional.”

Given the landscape of superhero films and Snyder’s track record, it’s no surprise that Warner Bros.’ keystone reboot would take a darker turn. One wonders, of course, what can ultimately be done to the primary colored (NSFW language) champion of the American way to bring him in line with Christopher Nolan’s brooding Batman. Sprayberry mentions that, especially in his childhood scenes, Superman will see “dilemmas and love and struggles.” (Also the title of the new Justin Bieber album.)

ClevverTV, a teen girl news and gossip site which I may or may not have bookmarked, incorrectly asserts that Sprayberry will be the first actor to portray the young Kent with another actor as the lead, presumably because its writers weren’t alive for most of the series and were like six when Returns came out.

Look for Superman to punch villains in the face in slow motion, which abruptly returns to normal speed just as his fist connects, in June 2013.

[via ClevverTV]