So many people are about to get punched in these Iron Fist season 2 pictures


I think it’s safe to say Iron Fist in terms of quality is near or at the bottom the list of Marvel’s live action productions, but in this topsy-turvy world, Iron Fist gets a second season because Peak TV or something. Screenshots for said second season have come out today and they sure look… tangible. Well that’s not fair; like the rest of Iron Fist, the parts with Danny Rand are kinda crappy while the rest has potential.

Danny (we don’t see him costumed as Iron Fist in any of the pictures) is, as usual, looking like the self-serious milquetoast protagonist from before. However, there is reason to believe season 2 will be an improvement; additional characters in the pictures include a very hostile-looking Typhoid Mary as well as Colleen and Misty about to Daughters of the Dragon it up! Honestly, the less we see of Danny (put him behind the mask and keep him there, please!)

Look, it may actually be impossible for this new season to live up to the suck that was season 1, but even with that in mind there are some clear attempts at improvements. If Iron Fist can emphasize its interesting characters in addition to the behind-the-camera talent shuffle that happened, maybe the show could bump itself up to the inoffensive, 7/10 entertainment we expect from Marvel. Hell, people even liked Iron Fist in the defenders, so all bets are off.Good news is we’ll find out soon as Iron Fist season 2 is out September 7th on Netflix.

The First Pictures From Iron Fist Season 2 Include a Badass-Looking Daughters of the Dragon Teamup [i09]