So this is what Shyamalan has been creating for Apple TV+


Apple lured some top-notch talent for its Apple TV+ streaming service, and one of its biggest fishes just released a new trailer. M. Night Shyamalan’s Servant teases twisting tensity and absurdity in all its Shyamalanic glory. 

Servant — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

The trailer gives enough away to entice, but eschews the totality of the plot. A couple in Philadelphia hire a nanny to look after their child that isn’t really a child. A brief glimpse of their history opens some exposition, but there’s clearly more to the story that surrounds the tragedy and ensuing brain snapping that neccesitates paying real money to a real person to look after a fake human. If the baby reveal isn’t creepy enough, the words coursing through the trailer envelop the newly hired nanny in her own mystique. Shyamalan is often considered to sit atop the plot swerving pantheon, so it’s nearly impossible to predict what will happen. 

Servant hits Apple TV+ on November 28th. 

Nick Hershey