Soderbergh, Tatum to bring Magic Mike to Broadway


Magic Mike sort of crept up on me from behind, as I was completely unaware of its existence until now, on the forefront of its successful opening weekend. The film, loosely based on the actual stripping experiences of its star, Channing Tatum, is one of several collaborations brewing between the actor and director Steven Soderbergh. Next in line: the stage musical adaptation. Obviously.

Like a funhouse mirror reflecting something already distorted by a funhouse mirror and rightly proportioning again, Magic Mike: The Musical will bring the wholesome fun of male striptease to Broadway in a way unseen since The Full Monty’s run over a decade ago. Soderbergh and Tatum will produce, with the production set to begin its run in summer 2013.

The curious duo meanwhile have finished shooting The Bitter Pill and Soderbergh is still eyeing a rock and roll musical based on Cleopatra with Catherine Zeta-Jones for Broadway as well. Be sure to go see Magic Mike in theaters this weekend if you wish to lend support to these fine abs.

I mean arts.

[via Deadline]